My 2011.5 BMW M3 ZCP European Delivery Journal

So I had been kicking around the purchase of another car for quite some time. I originally wanted to sell both my ’03 Honda S2000 and ’99 BMW M3 and consolidate to 1 weekend car in addition to my ’07 Chevy Avalanche company car. I went back and forth between quite a few makes and models, namely the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 996 Turbo X50, Acura NSX, Mercedes-Benz C63 and of course the BMW E92 M3. Finally came down to another M3, my now 3rd M3 and 4th BMW to date.

European Delivery had always been a dream of mine, so I got underway. I traded my S2000 in at Flemington BMW in early October. The 2011 M3 as optioned out as follows:

  • Alpine White paint over Palladium Silver/Black/Black leather and Carbon Leather Trim
  • Carbon Fiber Roof
  • Competition Package
    • Dynamic Damper Control
    • 19″ Light alloy Y-spoke wheels style 359M-with performance tires
  • M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic
  • Premium Package
    • Park Distance Control (rear only)
    • Interior mirror with compass
    • Comfort Access keyless entry
    • Power front seats with driver seat memory
    • Universal garage-door opener
    • Power folding auto dimming mirrors
    • Navigation, BMW Assist w/enhanced BT & USB
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Enhanced Premium Sound

I arrived at BMW Welt on 12/20 at 7:10am, my appointment was set for 7:30am and delivery at 9:10am, but I could barely sleep the night before and wanted to make sure I was on time. It was actually still dark when I came out of the train station in front of BMW Welt, and sure enough, the doors were locked… When I finally got in the building was pretty much devoid of life, I had visited on the Friday prior and was practically tripping over people. It was surreal. So, I headed straight to the elevator to the 3rd floor for Check In. I met with Harold to go over all of the boring paperwork, and was then directed to the Premium Lounge. I could not get over the selection of food and drink, and promptly grabbed some breakfast. At this point I looked out onto the delivery floor hoping to catch a glimpse of my M3, but no luck. Back to walking around taking pictures of the lounge and trying to contain my excitement until 9:10… I did actually see the M3 by accident at one point and then the excitement really took hold, but for now I could only admire it through the glass.

When my 9:10 finally came around, I was greeted by Ben, and taken to the stairway down to the delivery floor. I had to pause to take some video of the car rotating on the turntable before we continued, then down to see it up close for the first time. I was immediately relived when I saw the interior. The representation on BMWUSA’s site worried me, looked to be a little “blue” for a color marketed as “silver”. In person it was more of a dark gray, and way better looking than I had hoped. The two tone leather did wonders to break up the interior of the car, especially on the door panels. After a thorough walk through of the car, I was asked if I wanted to drive it to the drop off location or have it delivered there. It had of course just started sleeting out, so I opted for the extra 60 Euro charge for delivery. I took a few more parting pictures, and then headed to lunch at BMW’s Restaurant on the 2nd floor. All in all, it was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to do it again once the F8X M3 is out for a bit. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


I stayed at the Munich City Hilton which was right over the subway system, didn’t even have to go outside to catch the trains… Got off at Marienplatz just one stop from my hotel to switch to the U3 train to BMW Welt.

I’ve arrived at Olympiazentrum (site of Munich Olympics) and a few steps from the entrance to BMW Welt!

My appointment was at 7:30am, but I could barely sleep the night before and got to BMW Welt just after 7am. Wound up walking around a bit since it was locked.

Finally got in! Those efficient Germans haven’t even turned the lights on yet.

Up to the Premium Lounge for check in.

Sat down for a bit to fill out some paperwork and check over the purchase order.

Premium Lounge like what!

View from lounge to delivery floor.

After pacing around for a bit… I see this.

After much waiting (actual delivery was scheduled for 9:10am), I got to head down to the delivery floor with the BMW rep. Halfway down the stairs, he touches his HP Tablet and the car is illuminated from above by LED’s, another tap and it starts rotating on the platform.

 So on to the close up pics!

Having ordered the interior sight unseen, I was blown way upon opening the door for the first time. It was exactly how I had envisioned it.

How people can order these cars with a moon roof is beyond my comprehension. Mmmmmm carbon fiber…

Carbon Leather Trim.

Finally, I’ve got an M car with a proper motor.

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  1. Congratulations on your purchase, looks like you had an awesome experience. I have a 2009 335i, but I am definitely going with European Delivery for my next BMW, after reading about your experience. Cheers, mate.

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