Mfatuation Coverage of the 2013 New York International Auto Show

Headed back to NYC this year to check out the 2013 New York International Auto Show. I had an early access pass so I was able to take a decent amount of shots before the throngs of general admission ticket holders made their way in. There was a consistant theme across the car manufactures of absolutely massive brakes. Even the Z28 Camaro received carbon ceramic discs. Oh, and iPads as cameras everywhere, don’t you people have iPhones? You seriously look absurdly idiotic, I judged you, and probably took your picture taking a picture with your tablet. On to my pics, taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 16-35mm F2.8 L II lens. All shots were processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.
Jeremy Clarkson recently described the Lexus LFA as the best car that he has ever driven. Unfortunately for me, I’ve never driven one, so I cannot comment as to its road manners. I did get the chance to stand next to one for a few minutes, so I can say with authority that it is without a doubt the best car that I have ever stood next to. If I could have any, and I mean ANY, car in the world, this would be it. White exterior over black gut please. Actually, I’ll just take this one, perhaps Lexus will let it go cheap seeing as it’s a demo…
Whitest White Lexus LFA with Nürburgring package. One of 50 Nürburgring Package cars of the 500 total cars built. Lexus was piping the sounds (or perhaps it was the BMW F10 M5 a few cars down) of the LFA’s V10 through speakers at the display. The sound of that V10 revving to 9,000 RPM is enough to give you chills.
Perfect wheel and tire package for a perfect car.
Large, fixed carbon fiber wing which is part of the Nürburgring Package.
Carbon fiber front splitter and side canards.

Unfortunately, unlike Ace Hood, I didn’t wake up in a new Bugatti. I did however wake up at 5am to go to NYC and take pictures of one.
Bugatti, The Ultimate Driving Machine. Wait, I don’t think that’s how it goes.

Red Lamborghini Gallardo

Mercedes-Benz  507 Edition C63 AMG Coupe. I’m pretty sure BMW had a 507 first, in like, 1956… Couldn’t make it a 508? BMW doesn’t call the X5M an MX5, just saying…

6.2*, tisk tisk.

Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG with beautiful fake fender vents. 

I prefer the styling of the previous generation SL63 AMG, but this car is nothing short of beautiful in its own right.

Matte Silver Mercedes SLS 63 AMG

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA.

The CLA 45 AMG. 

Nicely appointed interior in the CLA 45 AMG. The flat bottom steering wheel is nice touch.

There were two themes at this years NYIAS. Massive carbon-ceramic brakes, and fake vents… I prefer the massive brake trend.

A first for Mercedes-Benz, the introduction of AMG cars equipped with 4MATIC all wheel drive as seen here on this CLS 63. I’d imagine launches in these cars will tear the asphalt from the road. 

Loved the paint color on this electric Benzo, also liked the wheel treatment.

Lotus Evora. I think there were 3 of these at last year’s show. Now a car powered by a Toyota Camry motor is on a pedestal behind glass. Okay…

M, the most powerful letter in the world. Given my car history and the name of my site, I could’t agree more.
Frozen Red BMW E92 M3. I was so tempted to photoshop out the orange reflector that absolutely ruins the US market front bumper.
Frozen Red E92 M3 on black ZCP wheels.
BMW’s frozen colors work wonders to accentuate the lines of the car. I would have gone with either Frozen Gray or Frozen Brilliant White on my E92 M3, however the maintenance of the finish was less than appealing.
Quite a few people were overheard commenting that they thought this was the new M3, nope it’s an F30 328i in Estoril Blue II with a bunch of BMW M Performance parts installed. I can understand their confusion given how agressive the car looked. I’d say there were more ///M insignias on this car than on an actual M3. With the exception of the racing stripes, the car looked amazing. The gloss black kidney grills do a much better job at integrating the new kidney style into the front facia of the car.

The M Performance front splitters on the F30 328i are reminiscent of the carbon fiber ZCP splitters found on E9X M3s, it’s too bad the lower lip isn’t available for our cars. I like how it cleans the lower lines of the bumper up without lowering it.
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Beautifully sculpted rear bumper on this F30.
Front F30 BMW Performance wheels and brakes.

Rear F30 BMW Performance wheels and brakes.
BMW Performance F30 spoiler.
Frozen Silverstone II F06 M6 Gran Coupe!
Interior shot of the F06 M6 Gran Coupe

BMW Active Tourer Concept

BMW Active Tourer Concept
BMW Active Tourer Concept

The new 3 Series GT looking very much like a Honda Accord Crosstour… not a compliment.

750i in Frozen Brilliant White.

I have always looked at Aston Martins as works of art that were also cars. I think they’ve gone a little too far with this iteration. The side strakes from fender into doors is a bit much.

The four door Aston Martin Rapid.

Lamborghini Aventador. I liked the Murci so much more, this one is just gaudy. If Megatron had a phallus, I’d put serious money that it would look like this.

A trio of McLarens. Any color you want, as long as it’s orange.

I’d be hard pressed to be able to decide between this and the Lexus LFA. 

McLaren 12c Spider.

Yup, this Audi is rocking some seriously large brakes. Heavy lift cargo aircraft wish they had brakes approaching this size.

Audi Carbon Ceramic brakes.

Audi RS7, rocking absolutely massive brakes.

Audi RS7’s beautiful carbon fiber rear diffuser nicely integrating the exhaust tips. Great it you plan to leave it stock, not so much if you plan on upgrading the cat back exhaust.

Audi R8 V10 Plus engine.

Matte blue Audi R8 V10 Plus.

The beautiful rear end of the Audi R8 V10 Plus.

Audi SQ5

Front end of the Audi SQ5

Yellow Porsche Cayman.

One of my favorite cars at the show. The superlative Porsche 911 GT3. When the time comes to upgrade the M3, or add to the fleet, the Porsche GT3 will be a serious contender. Probably a 997 GT3 RS though.

Yo dawg, we heard you like wings so we… #xyibit

GT3, German for “move over”.

Porsche GT3 Carbon ceramic brakes.

The Infiniti/RedBull F1 car displaying every conceivable weave of carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber suspension.

2013 Infinity G Coupe
19″ IPL Split 7-Spoke wheels in Graphite Finish

Super cheesy IPL logo adorning the G Coupe’s seats. 

Jaguar XK RS GT. I don’t care that it uses every consonant in the alphabet. When a car looks like this, Jaguar can call it whatever they want.

Acura NSX Concept with new carbon fiber trimmed wheels for this year’s show.

I came extremely close to picking one of these up to replace my flood damaged E92 M3. I drove a lightly modified one, and could not believe that chest crushing torque that this thing produced. I was waiting for an oxygen mask to drop out of the ceiling during a few highway pulls. Who knew that recreating the feeling of Jupiter’s gravity being imposed upon your chest was a selling point. All I know is this machine is at the top of my list when it comes time to replace my M3, or at least add onto the stable. In the meantime I’ll have to remain content with experiencing the Earth’s gravity as Newton intended.

Nissan R35 GTR dry carbon bumper lip intake trim.

Loving the factory dry carbon wing on the Nissan R35 GTR.

Nothing, and I mean nothing says “advanced styling” like a bunch of random flower stickers plastered all over a minivan. Look out Pininfarina, consider me sold! Bye bye BMW M Cars, hello minivans.

Getting this close to this beautiful machine wasn’t easy. After fighting through hordes of onlookers with jaws agape, I was able to capture this stunning image. My god, it even has a watermark!

I prefer the styling of the previous generation Honda Civic Si coupe, but this one is growing on me. I much prefer this model’s trunk spoiler to the previous gen, and especially like how they intergrated it into the tail lights. NSX it isn’t, but I’d still take one.

The BMW E92 M3 theft recovery play set.

Subaru WRX Concept. 

The BBS FI wheels were the perfect choice for this car, unfortunately there is as much chance of me buying that minivan than these wheels making it onto the production version of the WRX. 

Ok, seriously Chevy? How do you introduce the Camaro Z28, and then it’s antithesis at the same show? If these cars were parked next to each other they would destroy the space time continuum. 1885 called, it wants its steam locomotive cow catcher back. What the hell is this car trying to be? Did the designer drop some acid, watch Mad Max, and start sketching? I mean, I get the massive supercharger and hood scoop, you’ll need that power to get those lead wheels moving, especially since the effective final drive is now something like 0.001:1.
No, just no.

Monte Carlo Blue BMW F10 M5 on D2 Forged Wheels.

After first seeing the ZL1 Mad Max Acid Edition Camaro earlier, it was refreshing to see the Z28. It amazes me that GM’s offerings at the show could vary so widely. This is a purpose built track machine, yet,  I did hear someone next to me commet that it “should really have T-Tops.”  ‘Merica!  Like a handful of other cars at the show,  if I hadn’t gone with another E92 M3 ZCP, I could possibly see myself in this.

I much prefer these new tail lights over the previous versions, but this was most likely an attempt to further distinguish the Camaro from the new C7 Corvette. 

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