My Day Trip to Salzburg, Austria

Another day trip that I took during my European Delivery vacation. This time to the town of Salzburg, Austria. Words of advice, dress warmly…

Audi S3! I was more excited to see this thing than the R8.



Audi R8 on the streets of Salzburg.

You poor, poor X1… 

Yeah, no.

Mozart’s birth house.

I won’t be flying into or out of that airport anytime soon.

This was easily the most shocking vehicle that I saw on my entire trip. A Ram 1500 looks a bit out of place in Austria…

“ML 61 AMG” looks legit…

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

During my latest European Delivery vacation, I decided to take another day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. I had gone there during my previous European Delivery trip for my 2011 M3, and couldn’t resist another visit. I used Munich Direct for the tour, the total cost was 39 euros (this included the rail ticket). Not bad for an entire day’s worth of sightseeing…
I think I took this shot from Marienbrücke (Marie’s Bridge) which was pretty much the worst thing ever. Nothing like standing on an ice-covered bridge, teeming with tourists, while suspended between two mountains and a frozen waterfall. I could have done without the brutal wind gusts as well. Needless to say, my time on that bridge was fleeting.
Who knew the Germans could make such delicious non-pretezelbased food? And this was in a train station!

The castle as seen from the base of the trail.

Beautiful F10 530d. Diesels, diesels everywhere…

Debadged GL 63 AMG?

Audi A3, three door hatch!

Marienbrücke (Marie’s Bridge) as seen from the base of the waterfall.

Delicious Quarkbällchen that I ate on the way up on the trail. I cannot recommend these things enough. Nothing like hot balls dough and cheese fresh out of a deep fryer while you’re freezing to death on the side of a German mountain. Recipe here if you don’t feel like traveling to Germany for them. I’m not sure where to source the Quark cheese though.

It’s fairly obvious that I didn’t take this with my 5D Mark II… 

Why have a sentence when you can just remove the spaces and make it a word? Those efficient Germans!

Opel Wind.

BMW E30 M3 SIGFest 2013 Concours d’Elegance

SIGFest, one of the largest gatherings of BMW E30 M3s in the world, is held by the E30 M3 Special Interest Group. Now in it’s 14th year, the Concours D’Elegance was held at Ross Dock Park located in Fort Lee, New Jersey on Saturday, October 5th, 2013. The park is situated between sheer cliffs and the Hudson River, with a beautiful view of NYC and the George Washington Bridge. That view improved 10 fold once the E30 M3s started rolling in...

The awards were beautifully prepared by Dave at Renewed Finishes.
My Santorini Blue E92 M3 relagated to the non-E30 M3 parking area. Mike from VAC’s E46 M3, my E92 M3, Godzilla, and a minivan…
It doesn’t get much more rare than a Laguna Green E30 M3 Cabrio. The only think you’ll see rarer than this is a steak on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. “IT’S RAW!!!” -G. Ramsay

The juxtaposition between the period correct Buick and the E30 M3’s really makes the shot. Or something…

If only modern engines looked half as good as the S14…

E30 M3 Special Interest Group Visits Rogue Engineering

I spent a few hours with the E30 M3 Special Interest Group while they took a tour of Rogue Engineering’s facility in Upper Saddle River, NJ. I’ve been here countless times, but the machinery that greets you when you walk in never ceases to amaze. 
Rogue Engineering’s Brilliant White Individual E46 M3 painted by IND Distribution.

Rogue Engineering’s Racebrace as shown on their E46 racecar. 

VF supercharged E46 M3 w/Vorsteiner hood.

Estoril Blue Brembo calipers behind BBS LM wheels.

Carbon fiber E30 M3 mirrors.

The classic combination of BBS wheels and Brembo brakes.

S62 powered Estoril Blue Z4.

The superlative S62 E39 M5 motor looking right at home in the Z4’s engine bay.

I wouldn’t mind having either one of these flawless E30 M3s in my garage. Apparently, neither would Rogue.

Individual throttle bodies, the hallmark of “real” M motors.