Mfatuation is in European Car Magazine!

My European Car Magazine article hit news stands today! Huge thanks to everyone involved in the build. Big shout out to Eric and Tam at for sourcing the majority of the parts and putting in a lot of the wrenching while the car was in California. Thanks to Alex at www.europeancarweb.comthe great article and amazing shots of the car, and Donovan Marvin at for the exhaust install, and of course everyone at for some of the more subtle cosmetic touches. Unfortunately I cannot post the whole article, but check it out in print if you can!


IND Distribution E92 Keyhole Delete Installation Tutorial

While my car’s Individual Santorini Blue exterior and gold BBS E88 wheels are about as subtle as a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant, I do appreciate the small things as well. Upon ordering my car I immediately got in touch with the guys at iND Distribution to place my order for a set of color matched reflectors, an authentic BMW Performance carbon fiber spoiler with Santorini Blue CRT theme stripe, and most discrete of all, a painted keyhole delete… As I’ve found in the past, all of their paint work was beautiful and matched great.

Installation was easy and only took a few minutes. You’ll need the following:
  1. An iIND E90/92/93 M3 Painted Key Hole Cover
  2. 4mm hex key
  3. Needle nose pliars
iND replacement piece.
My car is equipped with Comfort Access, so there is no need for a key unless my battery goes flat. The key hole delete retains the puddle light under the door as well as the function of Comfort Access.


Back side of the key hole cover showing the threads that the 4mm bolt engage.
Starting at the bottom, gently pull the rubber seal upwards to expose the bolt for the key hole cover.
The lower hole provides access to the 4mm hex bolt.
4mm hex bolt close up.
Using a 4mm hex key, loosen the bolt until it no longer engages the cover.
Using a pair of needle nose pliers grab the bolt while simulaniously wiggling the key hole cover loose from the outside. You should be careful not to drop the bolt into the door during this step.
Key hole cover and assembly removed.
Key hole cover and lock assembly removed showing the remaining puddle light (if so equipped).

Simply thread the 4mm hex bolt into the new cover and snap the rubber flap back in place and you are finished.

Before and after.