Lime Rock Park Edition E92 M3

I had already placed my order for a 2013 E92 M3 ZCP in BMW Individual Santorini Blue paint, but I got word that my dealership had a Lime Rock Park Edition car on the showroom floor and had to check it out in person. I made the 1.5 hour drive to Flemington BMW to get a closer look at the Fire Orange paint, having previously only seen it in pictures. I wasn’t about to buy an $82k bright orange car over the phone… I have to say, upon arriving at the dealership and seeing this thing in the showroom, I was enthralled by it. It was optioned almost exactly the same as my ’13 M3 on order, and it was right in front of me… To say I was tempted to cancel my order and buy this car on the spot is an understatement. However, the more I thought about it, the more I came up with the same realization, “The car is orange.” Perhaps this is the prefect car for the CEO of Cheetos, Inc., but I wanted something a little less brazen. I felt that I was more enamored with owning a “limited edition” BMW than with the car itself. Now if BMW had opted to drop the S65B44 into this thing, yeah, I could look past driving a hunk of nacho cheese with a carbon fiber roof. I took some solace in the fact that the car I have on order will truly be one of a kind, and built to my exact spec.
Sadly, my DSLR was at home, so I had to make due with my iPhone 4S’ camera. Truly a striking car in person, pictures fail to do it justice.
I’m a little surprised that BMW didn’t break out the additional options/equipment that make up the $10,000.00 Lime Rock Park Edition Package. As far as I know it consists of the M Performance Exhaust, carbon fiber front splitters, Fire Orange paint, BMW Performance Alcantara steering wheel, and BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler.

Additonal charge of $162.00 for dealer installed Gloss Black Kidney Grills. They  really should have included gloss black hood vents, and side gilles to delete all of the chrome. Would have been a much cleaner looking package.
While I was slow to warm up to them, I eventually fell in love with the look of these splitters, eventually installing a set on my own E92 M3.

Lime Rock Park Edition plaque. I’m not sure why BMW chose not to number these cars individually, it would have been a nice touch.

Close up of the BMW Performance Alcantara steering wheel with tri-color M stitching. 

BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler and Inconel exhaust.


The Loss of my M Cars.

Those of you that know me personally, probably also know that I live near the water. More specifically, I’m quite literally surrounded by Barnegat Bay. So it comes as no surprise that Hurricane Sandy had a serious impact on my community. Having ridden Hurricane Irene out the year prior, I expected similar with this storm; high winds and little else. I didn’t even lose power during Irene, so aside from securing the house and yard in anticipation of high winds and stocking up on batteries, I made no other preparations Which unfortunately means, the cars were not moved to higher ground…
I had been periodically checking on a friend’s house (a fellow E92 M3 owner) on the next street over while he was away. Hour after hour, I’d drive out with my Tahoe and report back that all was well, and there was zero flooding. That report changed after my last check. Upon opening the front door (not even an hour after my last check) I was confronted with rising flood waters that had already reached up to the 2nd step of my porch, 1 step to go before entering the house. At this point I knew that both my E92 M3 and E36 M3 were lost causes; if water was this deep on my street, it had to be at least 5-6′ deep on the street along the bay (my only way out). I checked the tide chart, and of course, the tide was still coming in not going out. Water entering the first floor of the house was inevitable.
I quickly grabbed my cats and secured them in an upstairs bedroom, then went to work gathering files and any ground level valuables and electronics knowing that I only had minutes until the water started to come in. The remainder of the night was spent upstairs. I periodically checked on the rising flood waters from my vantage point on the second floor balcony. Two miles to the east, the sky glowed red. I could make out flames across the bay, Mantoloking was engulfed.
Once the flood waters got high enough, all that could be heard outside were the sirens and horns of cars that had been shorted out. The entire island was ensconced the cacophonous howling wind and the sounds of cars in their death throws. Quite easily the worst night I have ever lived through.
Upon daybreak I was able to bear witness to the horror of the storm. While the water had receded to some extent the roads were still flooded, the driveway was covered in literally tons of debris, and of course, the cars were filled with water.
Fast forward to present day. My house is still under reconstruction with an anticipated completion within the next month or so. I quickly settled on a value for my E92 M3 with Progressive, however my E36 M3 was insured under Liberty Mutual, and they have severely undervalued the car. That claim is still open and my attorney has taken the reigns. I’ll be sure to update the blog with the results of that circus but will refrain, for now, until it has been completely settled.
I’ve ordered a 2013 E92 M3 optioned out identically to my 2011 M3…with one notable exception. While the ’11 car was painted in the ubiquitous color of Alpine White (along with 99% of E92s, it seems), the new car has been ordered in Santorini Blue through BMW Individual. Anticipated production of the car will commence in mid February 2013, and I plan on being in Munich, Germany in early March 2013 for European Delivery. There will be no shortage of pictures documenting this.
Prior to being taken to auction, the E92 was stripped of all aftermarket parts and returned to bone stock. I won’t be wasting any time before modding the ’13 car, in fact I already have a KW Sleeve Kit, Apex Spacers, and Apex Stud Conversion Kit waiting for it that arrived for the ’11 car 2 days before the storm. As for the E36, I will be buying it back from insurance, and restoring it fully. In fact the car has been stripped and dried, and I’ve began sourcing new parts where required. I’ll be documenting both builds as they get underway this spring.