BMW E30 M3 SIGFest 2012 Concours d’Elegance

I had planned for a semi-relaxing day of wrenching on my E36 M3, but wound up getting a text from the owner of that this year’s E30 M3 SIG Fest was only going to somewhat close to my house. I dropped everything, grabbed my camera gear and the key to the E92 M3 and set out. Sorry E36, perhaps next weekend… 

SIGFest, one of the largest gatherings of BMW E30 M3s in the world, is held by the E30 M3 Special Interest Group. Now in it’s 13th year, the Concours D’Elegance was held at the Spring Meadow Golf Club located in Farmingdale, New Jersey on Saturday, October 20th.

Upon pulling into the golf club, I was greeted by an overwhelming number of E30 M3s. I typically see 1 every couple of months or so on the street, so seeing a parking lot filled with them was unreal. In addition to the E30s, a few Ferraris, various BMWs and M Cars, and even an M1 showed up the the event.

The car that started it all, the BMW E26 M1.

BMW M1 interior.

BMW E26 M1’s M88 3.5 liter inline 6.

When the owner of this M1 was kind enough to offer me a seat, I wasn’t about to decline.

S50B32 swapped E30 M3.

Not quite a replica since a touring variant of the E30 M3 never existed, but still pretty cool.

Replica E30 M3 Cabrio.

S54 swapped E30 M3.

Alpine White E30 M3 on BBS LM wheels.

S14 Carbon Fiber airbox.

The heart of the E30 M3, the S14.

E30 M3 Cabrio.

My favorite BMW Motorsport interior pattern. The E36’s is just weird, and the E46… Plaid? Really BMW?

I had a set of Recaro SRDs in one of my previous E36 M3s. Easily one of my favorite mods of all time. They offered amazing support during hard cornering while being surprisingly comfortable and dropping a significant amount of weight off of the car.

Daytona Violet E34 M5 on M-Parallel wheels.

E30 M3 on BBS RCs.

E30 M3 on BBS RCs.

E30 M3 on MK Motorsport wheels.

Dem brakes.

BBS RC wheels. 
Alpine White E30 M3. My car’s great granddad. 

E30 M3 on E39 Style 5s. These wheels are visual evolutions to the stock basketweaves and fit the car’s character perfectly without detracting from the originality.

Nice little E34 525i Touring on Alpinas. 

E30 M3 on BBS CH wheels.

S52B32US swapped and supercharged E30 M3.

I found the first E30 M3 that I ever drove. A friend of mine built this car about 12 years ago, swapping the S14 for an OBD I converted S52B32 with an ERT Supercharger from Chuck Stickley. I was surprised to see it after 10 years or so and happy that it’s moved on to a good home.

E30 M3 on E39 Sport Package Style 42 wheels.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia and F360.

The Ferrari F430 Scuderia’s powerplant.

F430 Scuderia.

BBS LMs and the BMW Performance big brake kit. Also, a self portrait just above the sidemarker.

If you’re going to have car trouble with your E30 M3, SIGFest isn’t the worst place you could be at. Plenty of help on hand, including Mr. M Car, Don Fields.

James’ E30 M3 Cabrio, one of only 786 made.  

S50B32 swapped E30 M3

This car was perfectly executed. Amazing attention to detail. Those BBS LMs and BMW Performance big brake kit dominate the exterior.

The E30 M3s of SIGFest 2012.

E30 M3 on AC Schnitzer Type I wheels.

E30 M3 on BBS LMs.

S54 swapped E30 M3.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brakes. 

Mark of Rogue Engineering stealing someone’s M3.

I wouldn’t mind having the F360 in the garage next to my E92 M3…

BMW E30 M3 on BMW E39 540i Style 32 Wheels.

Ferrari F360 Spider.

Tony’s E30 M3 on Style 32 E39 540i wheels.

My E92 M3 ZCP looking slightly bigger than Tony’s E30 M3. 

Canibeat First Class Fitment 2012

“Now in it’s 3rd year First Class Fitment has become a Fall tradition known for it’s unique venue, laid back environment, and variety of quality cars. With so many different events on the calendar each year catered to specific makes and models, First Class Fitment is one of the few events which brings together people from all walks of the automotive community. With more space, new vendors, and the same high quality of cars you have become accustomed to the Canibeat team has worked hard to organize another great event for everyone at the Princeton Airport on October 13th, 2012. Although we have secured more space at the airport for this years event, our focus has not changed and we have still planned an event focused more on the quality of cars in attendance rather than the quantity.” -Canibeat

Both Greg and Matt  applied to, and were accepted into Canibeat’s First Class Fitment 2012 show. After  working well into the night on detailing their cars, we slept for a few short hours, and headed off to Princeton… 

Gary’s ultra clean Mercedes Benz W221 S550
My “stock” E92 M3 was relegated to the spectator parking lot. Sorry for having a functional suspension… j/k j/k, but not really.

Replaced the Arkym Carbon Fiber front lip with the ZCP Splitters. Coupled with the Gloss Black Hood Vents, Kidney Grills, side Gilles, and Painted reflectors from IND Distribution, the car is significantly both cleaner and more agressive looking.

Before making the death march down the Princeton Airport driveway into the show. 
Greg’s 2003 Alpine White E39 M5 sitting on Fikses. 
Fifty shades of white, and an E46 with Benz wheels.

This C63 AMG Coupe was perfectly executed.

AP2 Honda S2000 on Work Meister S1s.

Porsche GT2

Dem seats…

GT2 translated from German, means “move over”.

Hartge wheels on this E36.

Slammed daily driven Audi All Road

Subaru WRX STI

Alpine White E46 M3

RC Drift Cars

Acura Integra with a carbon/kevlar front lip.

FD Mazda RX-7

Slammed AP1 S2000 on copper centered CCWs.


Matt’s 2001 Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 on Work Meister S1 wheels.

BMW E24 6 Series found in the spectator lot.

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG with slight lift… 

Alpine White BMW E90 M3 on BBS LMs with massive Brembos. 

Turbo Lexus SC

Mint BMW E30 M3.

Sup, Hello Kitty exhaust.

BMW E46 M3 on BBS LMs and huge Brembos.

Clean car right there…