BMW E92 M3 Vanguard Cat Back & MRF Engineering Velaforza X-Pipe w/HFCs

        While filming the in-car launch control videos, I also took some external video. I mounted my GoPro HD Hero2 to the rear bumper with the suction cup mount. I haven’t heard of anyone else with my exhaust setup, so I doubt you will hear another M3 quite like this. As it sits now, the car has an MRF Engineering Velaforza non-resonated x-pipe with HJS 200 Cell high flow cats followed with a Vanguard Performance Titanium cat-back exhaust. 

        The Vanguard cat-back by itself sounded amazing, no drone at all and really brought out the sound of the S65. I’d say the exhaust note was borderline exotic. Now, with the addition of the MRF Engineering Velaforza X-Pipe, the car screams. The pitch is a bit higher, and while somewhat loud, the exhaust setup is completely livable. I’ve never received more compliments from other drivers on any of my previous cars. 

        As for the performance, yeah, it pulls quite a bit harder. I still need to get it on a dyno, but unfortunately I have no baseline to compare it to. With the HJS high flow cats, no check engine light is thrown. My car does not have an aftermarket tune, and I have no intention of getting one so as to preserve my warranty. So being able to run an HFC X-pipe without worry of a check engine light is a huge plus for me. 

MRF Engineering Velaforza E92 M3 X-Pipe with HJS 200 Cell high flow cats.

Huge weight savings with the beautifully made Vanguard Performance Titanium exhaust. The factory unit weighs in at ~58lbs, while the Vanguard is a mere 19lbs…

E92 M3 DCT Launch Control Tutorial

I know a lot of E9X DCT M3 owners are a bit confused as far as how to activate launch control. It’s actually pretty easy… 

1. The car has to be warmed up.
2. The car has to be driven a few miles.
3. You must be at a complete stop on a level surface.
4. Turn traction control completely off.
5. Set transmission to S6 mode.
6. Push the console mounted shift lever forward and hold it in that position.
6. Floor the gas pedal past the detent switch under the pedal.
7. The RPMs will rise to 5500*.
8. When ready, release the center console lever and you’ll launch…

*The launch RPM can be adjusted in 500 RPM increments by using the cruise control lever.

Please keep in mind that as long as you have the throttle to the floor, the computer will upshift at the rev limit. If you get out of the throttle you will have to manually upshift or the rev limiter will be hit.

This video was filmed on a closed, private road. Please do not attempt this in public. 

Car has the following performance modifications:
  • AA Green Drop-in Filter
  • Vanguard Performance Titanium Cat Back Exhaust
  • AE Performance X-Pipe modded w/HJS High Flow Cats
This video is the in-car launch control tutorial. The video below is footage taken at the same time externally.
External footage taken with iPhone 4S of above in-car launch.
“Poor Man’s” Launch Control, just floored it from a stop in 1st gear, S6.

Alpine White E92 M3 ZCP and Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 Photo Shoot

Haven’t really taken many pictures of my car since installing the Arkym Aero Carbon Fiber 1×1 Weave front lip and the Vorsteiner Type II Carbon Fiber 1×1 Weave Rear Diffuser. I think the E9X M3 just doesn’t look quite complete without a lip and diffuser to clean up the bumpers. The front looks unfinished and the rear just looks boring. All fixed…

Road’s closed pizza boy.

Pretty nice lens flare in this pic… 

Eurowerkz Presents [EUROFEST] 4/29/2012 at Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Just some pics from Eurofest 2012…

E30 M3 
Matt and Louie (Louie is the cute one)

Valencia Orange BMW 1M 

Mark’s Monte Carlo Blue X5M (I will be the future owner of this truck…)

The baddest G55 AMG that I’ve ever seen.

Jack’s Nissan GTR

Greg’s E39 M5 on the Dyno. It put down 339whp. Not bad for a stock car running crazy rich…

E30 M3 w/S54 Swap. Stupid clean…

Matt + NJSP

Alpine White E30 M3

My beater E92 M3 ZCP w/Arkym 1×1 CF lip.


Best license plate ever.