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Truly great high-performance cars cannot be built in the laboratory.

       Ever since hurricane Sandy devastated my collection of rare BMW memorabilia I have been trying to slowly restore it. This time I intend to scan in what I can and post it here for other enthusiasts to enjoy. Looking back, my vintage BMW Motorsport brochures didn’t do much good sitting in boxes in my garage. I hope the entries in this series can help to preserve some of BMW’s history and expose fellow enthusiasts to some of BMW’s past that they may have not seen otherwise. 

        I came across this booklet while browsing eBay, and was immediately taken by the cover’s text and artwork. At first I thought it was an old single page advertisement, but upon closer inspection realized that it was actually a beautifully put together BMW Motorsport booklet. The cover alone is frame worthy, the text, graphics, and photography inside were equally well presented. 

        It’s truly a shame that car manufactures no longer seem to pour so much enthusiasm, passion, and quality into their marketing materials. 

        Please note that all of the booklet’s pages were scanned in at the highest resolution that I had at my disposal. Each one can be clicked on which will bring you to a larger version with fully readable text.

Porsche Club Racing, Lime Rock Park 4.30.11

My first attempt at motorsport photography during some Porsche Club Racing at Lime Rock Park. I wasn’t really happy with any of my shots, but it was a learning experience. Hoping to head back there a few times this season as well as NJMP. The majority of panning pictures were taken using a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Lens on a Canon 60D body.

Close friend of mine rolled up in his modded GT-R.

2009 Nissan GT-R on BBS LMs. Yeah, I’d say this car is done right.

Seriously began rethinking my purchase of the E92 M3…

Yo Dawg, we heard you like wings so we put a wing on your wing so you can …

Accurate license plate is accurate.

Carrera GTS

Porsche Cayman R. If you are going to get a Cayman…

Beautiful GT3-RS